Shane Izykowski

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My art consists primarily of macabre and creepy images, or what's referred to as "dark art." I explore the idea of a narrative portrayal, with believably realistic characters, in a slightly unsettling realm. I paint people I know, places I've explored and animals that have crossed my path. With the horror film genre in the forefront of mainstream cinema and television, I often wonder why horror and the dark arts are not more widely accepted. My mission is to prove that these images don't just belong on your television screen during Halloween, but it should also be acceptable to display them on your wall, all year round.

I am a mixed media visual artist, so I work in a wide range of mediums and techniques. For my paintings, I primarily work in oil. I've been a pen and ink artist for as long as I can remember, as well. My sculptural process starts with clay, then molded in silicone and finally, cast in resin. Other work I've done includes special effects makeup for films and my horror photography, writing and screenplays, filmmaking and fine art photography.

My current body of work (paintings) consists of art that belongs to a larger series, which will be released in 2018, concentrating on Superstitions of different cultures. The sculptures I'm working on will be an ongoing series of works- body parts and animals. I have concepts for new horror photos that I will begin shooting in the near future.